DDN-115: Raster and Vector Technologies

This foundational studio course focuses on developing visual style and production workflows in the creation of raster- and vector-based graphics using industry-standard technologies. Students apply color theory and composition skills to create complex illustrations and advertisements. Multiple input sources are combined to create both original and derivative content: camera, scanner, mouse, tablet, traditional media, and stock photography. Students practice acquiring work at the correct PPI, retouching, tonal correction, and color profiling to create images compliant with industry standards. Emphasis is placed on selecting appropriate imagery by analyzing audience needs, which is then applied to developing creative and original work. Students also learn how to legally acquire stock imagery and the ethical obligations in its manipulation. Technology requirement: Students provide their own laptop, mouse, and subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud. Verify required technical specifications in the University Policy Handbook, which is available on www.gcu.edu.



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