Aniya Sandoval

Digital Design: Animation


Fall 2022

Hi! My name is Aniya Sandoval and I'm graduating fall with my BFA in Digital Design with an Emphasis in Animation. I have always had a passion, love, and appreciation of art and design since I could remember I have filled my education years indulging and growing in the creative field. I strive to expand my career in the arts as an illustrator and motion graphic artist, truly endear being able to collaborate with all in the creative field and make great works. By creating illustrative designs in my style to push forward a narrative that will captivate the viewer. I have proficient skills in after effects, photoshop, and 3D software Maya and Substance Painter. It has truly been an uphill battle but a great experience finishing my college career and growing and expanding my skills that I can't wait to put to use in the working field.