Charissa House

Digital Design: Animation


Fall 2022

My name is Charissa House. I am a digital designer and Illustrator that specializes in animation and concept art. I love everything about the process of visual storytelling. I am very interested in trying and learning new things. I look forward to meeting new people and collaborating with them on projects. I aim to share my ideas comfortably and enthusiastically with the people around me and build off of the feedback and reactions people give me. While I want to tell unique and original messages in my designs and illustrations, I want to receive ideas and recommendations from those around me and improve through that. I am my own character, but I would love to see the world from different perspectives aside from the one I have grown up with. I am a very colorful and expressive person and aim to visualize that in all the designs that I make. The skies are the limit and I aim to push those limits. I hope that I can be someone that others would want to try and be like when it comes to an outlook on life.