Julie Jordan

Advertising & Graphic Design


Fall 2022

Hi! My name's Julie Jordan, and I'm graduating from Grand Canyon University with a BA in Advertising and Graphic Design, and a minor in Marketing. Ever since I can remember, creativity has been a core part of my being. I like to believe I was born an artist, and through painting, photography, drawing, writing, and many other artistic outlets, I learned how to not only create, but to love to create. In my four years here at GCU, design has become a passion and an art form that has allowed that sense of creativity to express itself in new ways I didn’t realize were fully possible, like in typography, web design, and brand identities. It has been a challenging, fruitful, adventure full of growth and many hours in front of a laptop that has allowed me to develop a deep appreciation for this industry, as well as my own skills as a designer. It has been so fun getting to learn alongside such talented classmates, and I'm so excited to see where this career path takes me!