Liv Perrego

Digital Design: Animation


Spring 2023

Unquestionably, my interest in 3D Modeling sparked from a love of gaming; playing video games became a big part of my childhood and helped shape the artist I have become today. It was the beginning of a talent in 3D Modeling assets for video games and an attraction to creating environmental concept designs that live in new and unique imaginary worlds. At the early age of four, my father taught me how to use a bow and arrow, and it was then my fascination for the unique sport of archery began; not only did I gain a love for shooting sports but an immense interest in knives of every kind—and yes there is a correlation, trust me! These influences in my life naturally led me to what I now love to do daily: create fascinating environments and awesome armaments that exist in striking worlds. It is incredible to begin with a vision and have it become an image of something tangible and real.