Olivia Hiles

Advertising & Graphic Design


Spring 2023

I’m Olivia Hiles, an introvert with the loudest inner opinions that only sometimes surface in the form of mumbled words that no one can hear the first time and too embarrassing to repeat a second. I happen to be graduating as a graphic design and advertising major this spring from GCU. I was also spawned from a small town in Texas but ended up fleeing away because only big things come and stay there. Although I am barely 5’1”, I hold the mental attitude of a 6’3” person (or something of that nature). I may not be decorated in metals, but I sure know how to put up a good debate that mostly derives from my stubborn nature and relentless and competitive abilities to not back down, because I am overly determined. Alas, my competitive nature often fuels my ego in ways that I will never admit to. My only claim to fame is playing the role of an attorney for a mock trial that I won from both the defense and prosecution sides. Please do not actually confide in me about any legal advice though. Though I have so much to learn, I do always want to know the things that i don’t, whether that takes form in learning how to plumb or googling the latest lingo on urban dictionary and movie references. As for party tricks, I can do a headstand well and very mediocre magic tricks that I taught myself when I was 10. If you are ever lucky enough to see one of my infamous magic tricks, I will only hope to distract you with my repertoire of dad jokes, wit, and sarcasm as a way to make you forget how awful my tricks may be. I also firmly believe in dessert for breakfast, and I think that fruit cake is an abomination to society. That’s about all there is to know about the beast that I am!